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To deliver the best possible home health services to our patients, Pulse Homecare integrates the services of six healthcare disciplines. Under the general supervision of your doctor and coordinated by a care manager, Pulse Homecare develops and implements medical care plans combining skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work, and personal care. Pulse Homecare care planners are specifically trained to know the expertise of all these disciplines and more, to thoroughly assess patient needs, and to coordinate services so that each clinician is delivering within the strongest areas of their expertise.

Home health services in  Beaumont, TX
Skilled Nursing
Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses deliver hands-on medical care, provide healthcare coaching, and coordinate a variety of services under orders from your doctor. This may include:
  • Wound care
  • Medication administration
  • Diet teaching
  • Supervising home health aides
  • and more
Home Health Aide in Port Arthur, TX
Home Health Aides
Home health aides are professionals with extensive training in delivering assistance with activities of daily living in a medical care environment. When patients are recuperating, it can be difficult to perform some of the usual personal and household tasks. Pulse Homecare makes home health aides available to help ensure your recovery occurs comfortably in a healthy environment.
Physical Therapists in  Beaumont, TX
Physical Therapists
Physical therapists assess a patient's opportunities for improvement and develop and implement exercise therapy plans designed to maximize function and ability. This may include:
  • Cardiac rehab following a heart attack
  • Neurological rehab following a stroke
  • Gait rehab following an accidental fall
  • Pulmonary rehab following an exacerbation of COPD
Home health hand therapy in  Beaumont, TX
Occupational Therapists
Occupational therapists are experts in helping patients improve ability using strategies and adaptation. Knowledgeable implementation of energy conservation techniques, home adaptations, and adaptive equipment can greatly improve our patient's independence and ability at home. For instance, wrapping pan handles with pot holders can increase the grip size and ameliorate arthritis pain during cooking. Dressing sticks can be used to decrease the amount of effort needed to put on socks. Occupational therapists also provide direct rehabilitation to complicated areas of the body and areas involving fine motor skills such as hand therapy following a stroke or traumatic brain injury.
home health speech therapy in Port Arthur, TX
Speech Therapists
Speech and language pathologists assess patient's for rehab opportunities and implement treatment plans for mouth and throat function, speech, and cognitive challenges. For instance, speech therapists can help patients improve the ability to chew, drink, swallow, and speak.
Home Health care in Port Arthur, TX
Medical Social Worker
Medical social workers are experts in helping patients navigate the varied landscape of healthcare providers and programs. They can help patients and families identify and engage with various programs and providers that will improve a family's healthcare resources. Medical social workers also have training in emotional counseling - especially where it relates to healthcare issues.